About Grey Soft Furnishings

Grey Soft Furnishings can supply Curtains, Blinds, Cushions, Throws, Poles and Pelmets

About Me

I am Helen Dawson, a wife and mother of two who loves making my house into a warm and inviting space. A space where friends and family feel relaxed and comfortable but at the same time is stylish and practical.

I set up my business from a passion for fabric and interiors. From my first home, a grade II listed cottage which was in some desperate need of some tender loving care, I found that fabrics played a very important part in how my home would feel. This passion evolved over a period of time and a number of other properties to incorporate my own style, the style of the property, a husband and children. All of these factors can change my view on what fabric will suit the room that I am decorating. If fabric isnít an option, then a white wooden venetian blind or a roller blind that diffuses light can be used instead. A beautiful pole that has the most amazing finials can add that extra something to a beautiful pair of curtains. It is all in the detail and it is this that gives me a buzz and makes a house a home.

About Grey

The name Grey came from my Grandmotherís maiden name. She was a very important person in my life during my childhood years and I have many fond memories of her so it felt very right to name my business after someone so special.

I always remember her making the most amazing family lunches and never being happier than when she was helping at the Womenís Institute or baking lovely cakes.

She was always dressed well and took pride in her home and was a well-liked and respected member of the community.

Grey Soft Furnishings